A manifestation of empathy that allows Jinyoung to read, affect and use the emotions of people, the enviornment and lingering senses to his advantage. By reading echoes of a place Jinyoung can understand the basic nature of things that have happened and come to be there. He could override someone's emotions to his will, senseory overload a mind with emotions or cancel them out completely and even use his empathy to actually read someone's thoughts. Because of the nature of his empathy he could eventually grow into being able to manage manifestations of emotional energy to the point of being able to create "emotional constructs" like spirits, weaponry and illusions. Currently, he is able to heal a person by applying a connection towards emotional needs and read the emotional impacts left on everything.

Jinyoung's healing is a byproduct of understanding what people need and desire. By reading a person correctly and influencing their aura, Jinyoung could take anything and turn it into a healing device; giving someone a meal that fixes their physical aches, a kiss that banishes their lesions away and so on. If pushed far enough Jinyoung could build bonds and transfer the wounds in that way: making a subject into their very own Dorian Gray.

The other most practiced bit of Jinyoung's gift is his ability to read the impact an emotion has. On a person, a place or a thing, Jinyoung understands the full scope of the emotional spectrum in everything. A book that made someone happy when their life was in trouble, a physical copy of a film that gave someone peace of mind while they were worried about their future, these are the impacts of the every day that Jinyoung can read and understand. This allows Jinyoung the ability to dive into several subsets of emotional applications: from bonds and scrying to truth telling and reading lifelines, including death glows. He could even use his gift to visualize the aura of a person and make it visible to others, specifically used to draw people's attentions to specific targets: books, a good lover, a kind friend.

At his level Jinyoung still has a difficulty disconnecting from stray powerful emotions around him. Just walking down the street makes him feel what others are feeling intensely; he could pass by a building and suddenly be overwhelmed with desire, angry and sorrow all at once. It comes to him almost like an anxiety attack and he has to force himself through it, shut down every thought that is not his own and every feeling for a moment. Because of it, he suffers from migraines quite regularly and tends to spend a lot of time dimming lights and trying to destress. If he isn't careful, he could end up experiencing and living through the echoes of others rather than himself.